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Hilarious Stress Balls That Will Make Your Life Way More CHILL

Life is stressful sometimes, which is why we need to do whatever we can to reduce our levels of tension and anxiety. The idea of squeezing stress balls isn’t particularly new, but squeezing a dude’s balls or a cute little beachy bum to melt your stress away IS new, and it’s absolutely genius.

We've found the quirkiest stress balls on the internet and you are going to want to buy them all!!!

The Stress Banana

It's kind of weird but this big old banana for stress relief makes the list because simply one squeeze will keep you as cool as a banana 

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The Pug Stress Ball 

Let the pug life chose you with this cute cartoony pug stress ball, pug promise this will soothe your stress away.

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The Cactus

Who doesn't like squeezing a prick...Am i right? HA This cute little cactus can help relieve stress and tension and the best part is no watering needed, it wont die on you unexpectedly

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The Silly Sausage

Stress can turn you into a silly sausage. But with this big old banger , you won't ever need to stress again. 

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Going on a first date and worried they won't have vegan options? An impending BBQ party and you're stressing that you'll burn the snags? Worried your dinner guests won't be impressed with bangers and mash? Just give the silly sausage a squeeze.

Desk Nutz

Is your manager a Dick? Do you have co-worker you wanna Slap? Are you so stressed you're about to grab someone by the balls and squeeze until they pop? 
Relieve that stress with Desk Nuts - the ballsack-shaped stress reliever!

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Stick them to the underside of your desk, and whenever you feel stressed... simply grab and squeeeeeeeze.

Savour the satisfying sensation of soft silicone squashing in your hand; marvel at the realistic-feel testes inside your Desk Nuts.  

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The Stress Poo 

Literally squeeze a little shit with this cute emoji turd

Mr Poo Stress Ball is squishy and squashy and just loves to be plopped into your hand so you can use him to relieve stress by squeezing him. He`s made from a rubber outer and gel inner making him far superior to a standard foam stress ball, and ulike a normal poo, he feels great in your hand and doesn`t smell!


The Beach Bum

Put your worries behind you with a squeeze of this nifty little beach bum because let's face it, the guys need a little stress relief too!! The Stress Bum sits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you can really shake that booty around. The squishy and weirdly enjoyable texture allows you to squeeze away the stress of your day with ease.

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The Beach bum has proven a popular seller with over half a million views on facebook 

Stress Balls 

“ The Ultimate Stress Balls” the perfect pun, it’s actually two balls in one. They promise a “realistic feel,” though I wouldn’t get these expecting them to feel like your ex’s or anything…

 So you’re sick of that obnoxious mansplainer at work or your boyfriend pisses you off by forgetting your birthday, give these balls a squeeze and a twist and you’ll immediately feel better.

See the full collection and grab your stress balls here

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