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Bored Girlfriends Are Giving Their Boyfriends The Worst Haircuts In Isolation

Isolation has apparently led a whole host of bored girlfriends to believe they have the skills of a professional hairdresser, though the guys with the botched fades and unfortunate trims might disagree. 

Being stuck inside all day can do some funny things to people, it seems. We’ve seen celebrities burst out into songs no one asked for, and regular people become TikTok stars as they dance the hours away.

With a lack of friends and family around to help guide us away from mistakes and poor choices, now isn’t really the time to start experimenting with potentially disastrous hobbies.

However, when a threat of boredom is combined with the need for a haircut, it seems some girlfriends just can’t be stopped.

With barber shops in the UK closed under government guidance, men everywhere are left with two choices; revert back to angsty teenage years in which their long, sweeping hair covered the majority of their face, or let their girlfriends loose with some clippers.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a surprising number of men have opted for the latter option.

It seems many have been doing their research first, at least, as internet searches for ‘How to cut your own hair’ have spiked in recent days

However, there’s a difference between reading about how to do something and putting it into practise, and looking at the results, the men probably won’t make the same mistake again.

One Twitter user, Daniel, let his partner Sophie attempt a skin fade, suggesting she should have shaved the hair so it smoothly graduated from shorter at the bottom to longer on top.

Sophie apparently had other plans, though, and simply shaved the majority of Daniel’s hair off, leaving only a jagged tuft resting on top of his head:

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